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MAINBOX, INC has Chartering Department dealing with a variety of principals (Charterers, Owners, Operators), who have throughout the years strengthened our standing in both Europe and International shipping markets and have contributed into enhancing MAINBOX, INC to a high level of acknowledgement from a multitude of clients around the world.

MAINBOX, INC is committed in providing a longstanding first class service to its clients and today, more than ever, in the mid of constant changes in the shipping industry, the company is fortifying its efforts in order to preserve and enhance its image of consistency and professionalism, compiled by a team of a large dry cargo chartering brokers, as well as a sizeable backup team dealing with post-fixing.

  • Experienced brokers complying with market continuous needs
  • Dealing from handy size up to post panamax
  • Daily monitoring market by size and by area
  • Longlasting first class service with clients
  • Post fixing team following file till closure
Shipowning has been and will always remain the strong point of the Europe shipping market. Since its establishment, MAINBOX, INC has been trying to develop a large fleet list of dry cargo vessels, which have been fixed through our company either on a direct or exclusive basis and through the years such fleet has compiled a major part of our business.

MAINBOX, INC continues with undiminished interest to provide excellent services.